Toddler Room

(Ages 18 months to 33 months)  

This is the age where children learn to play together and discover their environment.  Toddlers seem to experience a new skill or activity every day.  To stimulate their minds and bodies, the days are filled with exciting activities that promote visual and tactile learning.  The children enjoy using all five senses to explore their surroundings.  Our teachers use crafts such as shaving cream, play-doh, painting and hands on art projects to teach the children how to interact in their world.  They love to get messy and be immersed in the fun. We have daily circle time that includes singing, reading, finger plays and counting.  We use repetition to reinforce what they are learning.  Outside play and free play  keep the children stimulated both physically and mentally while maintaining a safe, nurturing and creative environment.  Weather permitting there are opportunities to play outside in our play yard, go for a walk or a beautiful stroll in our 4-child Run About stroller.