The preschool program at Lanesboro Public Schools offers several opportunities for your child to be engaged.  With two-day a week Three & Four Year Old Preschool and three-day a week Four & Five Year Old Preschool your child can have every opportunity to build the schools needed for a successful transition to Kindergarten.  Tess Heim and Terri Jensson have years of experience creating and developing a caring and nurturing environment that not only enhances learning but enhances the experience children have in this important age group.

With an emphasis on Social-Emotional Learning as a key foundation, the preschool program uses The Creative Curriculum and other research-based curricula to help ensure every child has an opportunity for success.  Play as learning is an important part of every day in our program and helping children learn self-regulation, compassion, and empathy are important components of the process.  We honestly believe you won't find a better or more affordable preschool program in Southeast Minnesota. 

Due to the preschool classroom being in the heart of our elementary school wing, children have access to all of the features of a full school experience.  Right outside of the preschool door is access to a new playground, Sylvan City Park with all of its playground equipment, and our gymnasium for indoor time.  Lanesboro Child Care Center is also onsite in the building which makes for easy transitions during the day if you are utilizing that service as well.  If you would like more information regarding preschool here in Lanesboro, please call 507-467-2229.  We would love to have your child join us!