Infant Room

(Ages 6 weeks to 18 months)       

We provide a loving caring environment where any infant can blossom.  Our experienced teachers sing and read to the children and play with a wide variety of toys that challenge your child's development.  To encourage language and a joy of learning, music is an every day occurrence and we play children’s songs in the infant room throughout the day.

The infant room includes many interactive toys to stimulate your child’s mind and body.  We work on fine motor skills, such as pinching to pick up food, rolling, tossing, smiling, opening and closing fingers, grasping and holding.  To improve their large motor skills we encourage and assist with learning to hug, walk, jump, turn, hop and dance.   To introduce your child to their sense of taste and touch, infants are offered different textures through food, books and toys.

Lanesboro Child Care Center has two 4-child Run About strollers that allow teachers to take groups out for a stroll to see the wonders of the outdoors.   During the summer we have a fenced play area for children to spend some time outside.

We have a separate sleeping room to keep a quiet environment for rest.  The teachers also keep individual records so we can customize the care for each child - so we are feeding, napping and caring for your child as close to their home routine as possible.