Community Education

The Lanesboro Community Education program offered through the Lanesboro Public School gives members of the Lanesboro Community a chance to learn about new areas of interest. Classes are taught by members of the community and the area who wish to share their special talents with others. The classes are offered in the fall, winter and spring. Summer classes mostly revolve around our students. A complete menu of fun activities is organized for our students during the summer months. These activities are designed for students of all ages.

In addition to these programs, Lanesboro Community Education also offers special events to the patrons and to the students. For students, some of these activities include Valleyfair, Wisconsin Dells, Skyline Park, Mystery Cave, and a summer reading program sponsored by the Lanesboro Public Library. Adult activities include professional theater and other cultural outings as well as professional sporting events. 

For further information please contact us at :

Lanesboro Public Schools
100 Kirkwood Street East
Lanesboro, Minnesota 55949
Telephone: 507-467-2229