• Visionary People

    Along with traditional values, Lanesboro Public School offers visionary people on staff. All staff members from certified teachers to administrators to non-certified staff are skilled, creative, and caring.  Our district encourages staff to be creative and collaborative to create an environment that is student-centered and forward-thinking.

    The teachers are professional and knowledgeable. They are eager to share their expertise with their students. With small class sizes, teachers can know the needs of each student.  With a renewed emphasis on staff professional development our teachers will be working with a growth mindset each and every day.

    The administration has an understanding of the needs of today's students. This comes from their interaction with the students, personal professional development, and a focus on students. The Dean of Students, Secondary Principal, Elementary Principal, and Superintendent are all active either teaching in the classroom or coaching on the field. They know what today's students are like. 

    The non-certified staff are knowledgeable in their areas and enjoy working with children. They have the flexibility to make decisions throughout their day to create new and innovative ways to meet the needs of their students.

    All staff work closely with one another to help provide students with a comfortable, positive learning experience. Visionary people working together to provide the best educational experience makes Lanesboro Public School the right place for students.