Traditional Values

    Our Mission reads "Empowering our students by providing a quality education to ensure lifelong success in an ever-changing world."  As we strive to live this Mission, our core values that guide us are to SERVE with INTEGRITY and RESPONSIBILITY.  These traditional community values guide not only our district but the individuals that are here each day.

    The school district does this by having the following:

    • Caring adults that focus on relationships with students and their families
    • A solid core curriculum in mathematics, reading, and writing
    • A focus on strong daily attendance (97%) that leads to a strong graduation rate (100%)
    • Strong programs in art, music, and physical education in Elementary, Middle, and High School
    • An eight period high school day, with all high school students taking 7 or more classes per day
    • Spanish Language education offered to students in grades five through eight and ten through twelve
    • Over 85% of Lanesboro graduates pursuing post-secondary education
    • Valuing commitment, respect, and work ethic in and out of the classroom

    Our Mission guides our work with both our students and our community.  The values we embrace can be seen throughout our building each day, helping to develop critical thinking skills, collaboration, communication, and creativy that will set a stage for our students' future success.