• Early Childhood and Family Education

    Early childhood educational opportunities abound at the Lanesboro Public School system. Parents and children can gain valuable lessons by taking part in early childhood family education classes, an in-house Daycare facility, and both a three year old and a four year old preschool class. During these early years in a child's development, it is beneficial to seek support from trained professionals when questions arise on how to handle various situations relating to a child's development. Lanesboro Public School offers the following:

    • New in house Daycare facility
    • Weekly E.C.F.E. classes with both morning and                               
      evening sessions available                                                                   
    • Three year old preschool classes
    • Four year old preschool classes
    • ECFE contact person is James Semmen - jamessemmen@lanesboroschools.com

    Traditional values, visionary people, and modern facilities are a part of early childhood education at Lanesboro Public Schools.