• Welcome to the Physical Sciences!!
    Name:  Andrew James Sobota
    E-mail:  Available upon verbal request
    Telephone:  507-467-2847
    Availability:  I am available to help students one on one nearly every day before or after school.  I would like 24 hours of advanced notification if a student needs to meet with me after 3:30pm.
    A bit about me:  I am currently in my sixteenth year at Lanesboro High School.  Outside of school I am a more than avid wood turner, prairie enthusiast, fly fishing guide, and maker of oddities and eclectic things. 

    I am currently mid construction on a timber frame building - no nails, just wooden pegs.

    A bit about my philosophy.  I feel that it is my job to give adequate examples for the material we cover and engage students in meaningful ways about both academic and non academic areas.  I want to help students learn to think critically and analytically both about science and the world at large. I am am a 
    firm believer in blooms taxonomy. Students should expect to spend a fair  amount of time outside of school if they really want to do well. I will help them to no end should they seek it. Last but not least, I really wish for students to retain and apply what they learn a week down the road, a month down the road, a year down the road.