Lanesboro Public Schools

2017 Lanesboro/Fillmore-Central Cross Country
Rule:  A cross country runner may run as an individual competitor in road races, fun runs, marathons and races for a cause of any distance through Labor Day. If they run in these kind of events after Labor Day, the distance run in the competition must be significantly different in length than the distance run in high school cross country. Significantly different is defined as one-kilometer difference in race length. 
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First day of practice 8/14
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Meet Schedule and Results
Thursday              Stewartville Invitational (Bear Cave Park)
      4:00  JH Boys                  1600m
      4:10  JH Girls                  1600m
      4:20   JV Boys & Girls    5000m
      4:55    Varsity Girls         5000m
      5:30    Varsity Boys         5000m 
Friday                     St. Olaf Cross Country High School Showcase  (Varsity girls only)
   St. Olaf Course MAP       
      10:00am    Girls      5000m
      11:00am    Boys      5000m 
Saturday                 Luther College Inv. (Luther's Campus)
Tuesday                 Dover-Eyota Inv (Eyota – Elementary School)
     Course Map
         4:30  JH Boys & Girls      2400m
         5:00  Varsity/JV Girls       5000m
         5:30  Varsity/JV Boys       5000m 

Thursday                Pine Island (Pine Island Golf Course)

      4:30  JH Boys & Girls         3200m
      5:00  Varsity/JV Girls          5000m
      5:40   Varsity/JV Boys         5000m 
Thursday               St. Charles Invitational (St. Charles Golf Course
    4:30  JH Boys and Girls    3200m
    4:50  Varsity/JV Girls        5000m
    5:30  Varsity/JV Boys        5000m 
Tuesday                Chatfield Invitational (Chosen Valley Golf Course
         Course Map
      4:30 JH Boys & Girls     3200m
      5:00  Varsity/JV Girls     5000m
      5:35   Varsity/JV Boys    5000m 
Thursday                LARP Invitational (Lewiston Country Club Golf Course)
         Course Map 
            4:30   Junior High Boys & Girls    3200m
            5:00   Varsity/JV Boys                  5000m
            5:35   Varsity/JV Girls                   5000m 
Tuesday                Plainview Invitational (Piper Hills Golf Course)
            Course Map 
            4:30    Junior High Boys & Girls     3200m
            4:50    Girls Varsity/JV                    5000m
            5:30    Boys Varsity/JV                    5000m 
Tuesday               Three Rivers Conference (Wabasha-Kellogg)
           4:00   Boys Varsity/JV       5000m
                     Girls Varsity/JV       5000m 
Thursday             Section 1A Championship Meet (Northern Hills Golf Course)  
         3:50  Boys
         4:45  Girls 
                  Historic Results and meet info:
                  Course Map
Saturday  11/4  MN State Meet (St. Olaf College - Northfield) 
         Course Map
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