• 2022 Lanesboro/Fillmore-Central Cross Country
    The times and maps are approximated from years past and may change.  
    Meet Schedule and Results
    Thursday    9-1           Stewartville Invitational (Bear Cave Park)
         MEET INFO
          4:00  JH Boys                  1600m
          4:15  JH Girls                  1600m
          4:35  Varsity/JV Girls       5000m
          5:15  Varsity/JV Boys       5000m
          5:45    Kids Fun Run          800m 
    Thursday     9-8            La Crescent-Hokah (Pine Creek Golf Course)
         MEET INFO                  MAP
         4:30  7th/8th grade Girls and Boys  1800m
         4:55  Varsity Girls                             4000m
         5:30  Varsity Boys                            4000m
         6:05  Elementary Fun Run               800m
    Tuesday     9-13            Dover-Eyota Inv (Eyota – Elementary School)
        MEET INFO              Course Map
             4:30  JH Boys & Girls      3200m
             5:00  Varsity/JV Girls       5000m
             5:30  Varsity/JV Boys       5000m 

    Tuesday     9-20           LARP (Ferndale Country Club)

          4:30  JH Boys & Girls          3200m
          5:00  Varsity/JV Girls          5000m
          5:40   Varsity/JV Boys         5000m 

    Thursday  9-22    Pine Island Invitational (Pine Island Golf Course)

           MEET INFO

          4:30  JH Boys & Girls          3200m
          5:00  Varsity/JV Girls          5000m
          5:40   Varsity/JV Boys         5000m 
    Thursday    9-29           St. Charles Invitational (St. Charles Golf Course) 
        MEET INFO
        4:30  JH Boys and Girls    3200m
        4:50  Varsity/JV Girls        5000m
        5:30  Varsity/JV Boys        5000m 
    Thursday       10-6         LARP Invitational (Lewiston Country Club Golf Course)
              MEET INFO                              Course Map 
                4:30   Junior High Boys & Girls    3200m
                5:00   Varsity/JV Boys                  5000m
                5:35   Varsity/JV Girls                   5000m 
    Tuesday      10-11          Plainview Invitational (Piper Hills Golf Course)
              MEET INFO                     Course Map 
                4:30    Junior High Boys & Girls     3200m
                4:50    Girls Varsity/JV                    5000m
                5:30    Boys Varsity/JV                    5000m 
    Tuesday     10-18          Three Rivers Conference (Chatfield - Chosen Valley Golf Course)
                MEET INFO
               4:00   Girls Varsity/JV       5000m
               4:45   Boys Varsity/JV        5000m 
    Thursday    10-27         Section 1A Championship Meet (Northern Hills Golf Course)  
             3:50  Girls
             4:45  Boys
                      Historic Results and meet info:  http://mnsection1acc.tripod.com/
                      Course Map
    Saturday  11/5  MN State Meet (St. Olaf College - Northfield) 
             Course Map
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