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  • On November 6th, 2018 the Lanesboro community voted overwhelmingly to pass the bond referendum for additions and renovations to Lanesboro Schools. We thank all the members of our school community for their tremendous support for the education of our students.  We're excited to get started but we have a few steps we must take before we can truly begin. You can follow along on this journey by clicking on the "What's Next?" link to the left.  I'll be posting updates regularly as we move through the design phase of the project, through completion of construction, and as we open our new spaces to our community.  Again, thank you to everyone that has put us in a position to make Lanesboro Schools and the community of Lanesboro the best place to raise a family in Minnesota.


    If you're new to the site, you can read the information below to see how we've gotten to this point...

    In January 2017 the Lanesboro Schools Finance, Facilities, and Long-Range Planning (FFLP) Committee started a journey to review our current facilities in relation to our new Strategic Plan.   The four goals of that Strategic Plan include regional academic leadership, enhanced early childhood programs, community engagement and partnerships, and a robust communication plan. What follows is representative of the Committee’s dedication to these goals.

    After months of research, discussions, and meetings with administration, staff, and community members, the Board made the decision to interview and hire an architectural firm to help us put our vision into a tangible product.  From January through May 2018 the concept plan that you will see on these pages was developed with input from stakeholders across the community. The three primary areas targeted in the planning were:

    1) Safety and Security

    2) 21st Century Learning Environment

    3) The Arts, Physical Activity, and Athletics

    Please see the links for more information regarding the project.  By clicking on the "Concept Plan" link you will find the slide presentation that outlines the scope of the project as well as a more detailed conceptual floorplan.  As time moves towards November 6th, this page will be updated with new information so please check back again.


    The document below is the Review and Comment from the Minnesota Department of Education.  The project was given a positive review from the Education Commissioner, allowing us to move forward to a November ballot issue.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
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