Zentangle Pumpkins

Drawing and Painting

  • Drawing class if filled with a variety of drawing experiences.  Students have had the chance to create their own sketchbooks from a variety of papers and learn how to bind pages together.  These sketchbooks are used throughout the semester of drawing class.  They have sketch journal prompts in which they can choose what they want to include in their journals each quarter.  


    We have also experimented with soft pastels, pencil, and charcoal.  Everyone is learning that we need to practice, practice, practice before going onto final drawings.  Students have completed self portraits using enlargement techniques.


    Using line, pattern and repetition, students put their drawing skills to the test and created Zentangles!  These zentangles were created on pumpkins, so they were challenged to create on a surface of a different quality than paper.


    We have much more to come!