Elementary Art

  • Elementary children always want to paint, but there is so much more to learn and do.

    Here are some of the things we have done in the past.  I hope to update these pictures and content as the school year progresses.

    Kindergarten:  We study a variety of topics which include color mixing to create pumpkins and leaves from primary colors.  This project is great for learning how to use our tools and the space of the artroom.  We also learn how to mix colors using only red, yellow, and blue.  We read art books and use them to inform our art making and our positive art attitudes.  The Dot by Peter M. Reynolds is great for this, since we start with a mark and see where it takes us.  We also study the artwork of Jasper Johns and create our own alphabet paintings.  Castles are awesome to learn about for architecture and history, so we study and discuss castles and create our own drawings that we paint.  We also learn about some printing techniques with dinosaurs and their foot prints.  They stomp dinosaurs on paper for a background and stencil dinosaurs for the foreground to complete the picture.  

    First grade:  We study the work of Claude Monet and make our own waterlilies paintings that become three dimensional.  Other artists we study are Alma Woodsey Thomas, John James Audobon, Georgia O'Keefe.  We use these artists' work to inform our projects and learn from our past.  We then shape our work for today and what we can learn from our paint, pencils, or pastels.  We even go on virtual art tours and visit art around town whenever possible.

    Second grade:  We read the book Ish by Peter M. Reynolds and draw owls while listening to owl sounds. The students make some pinch pot flowers and will glaze those for a finished look.  Painting is a great hit, so we have painted papers to prepare for a future project.  We even learn some stitching techniques using yarn and burlap.  

    Third grade:   have created self portraits, Minecraft Style!  We studied Piet Mondrian and created our own impressions of his work.  Geometric awesomeness!  We check out the Aurora Borealis and do our own renditions.  Once students learn how to write their name in cursive, we create bugs from their names.  It is pretty cool!  Can't forget this:  weaving and ceramics are projects for every grade and super fun!  

    Fourth Grade:  We make some nifty Optical Illusions in this class.  These kids look like they are falling down a tunnel from Wonderland.  We also make some monster blinking eleyballs using paper folding and drawing.  Haikus are part of our subject matter and layering windows to create tunnel-style books.  Ceramics projects usually include some kind of hand building and pinch pot creation.

    Fifth grade:  We head back into the Optical Illusions and create a hand that looks like it is jumping out of the page.  We also create some one point perspective landscapes, work on paper collage, scratch art, and weaving.  Ceramics and paintings are based on art themes and ideas we explore throughout the year.  Sometimes these things are changed or altered based on supplies.

    Sixth grade:  Collaboration is the first art term we learn about in 6th grade.  We each create a circle weaving and then they are added together for one large outdoor instillation.  We also learn about one point perspective and create landscapes.  Watercolor painting techniques are used to create a zentangled animal as well.  And, of course, we create some awesome ceramic sculptures as well.