Outdoor Printing

Fiber Arts

  • This class is filled with the use of a variety of textiles and fibers.  Students learn the basics of manipulating flexible materials.  


    Students have created coil baskets from yarn and paper cording.  We have learned basic weaving techniques as well.  Students are able to change and adapt their capabilities to the assigned projects.


    We have also had the privaledge to do some "pirate printing".  This printing process involved using water based, non-toxic inks around the community.  We rolled ink onto various textured surfaces when outside and pulled images from the textures present.  Students were then able to make and create collages using those printed fabrics.


    Next up has been working on learning to make paper.  Using scrap paper, students have made their own sheets of hand pulled paper.  They look beautiful!  Our next step is to bind them into small books and use the remaing sheets to make other works of art. 

    We have explored Suminagashi on paper.  Using special inks, we were able to create some very nice papers that are works of art.

    Faux Batik mini banners have turned out to be pretty interesting as well.  

    Needle felting is art form in fibers that is a really exciting prospect.  We have a lot of fun with this one.  Students in the past have created snails, owls, Yoda, bees, and other creatures.