This year, students will continue to use the Saxon Math series, but the format will be much different than last year.  Students will now have a math book that they will be responsible for taking home and bringing back to school.  The book contains all the lessons and assignments students will be completing throughout the year.  We will do 3-5 lessons per week, which is also how often students will be assigned math homework.  Each assignment is 20 questions long and the problems reflect student learning in previous grades and in previous lessons, not just what was taught on that particular day.  This keeps the students sharp by practicing previously learned material while learning new concepts.  Students will almost always be given class time to begin work on their assignments, but the amount of time they have will vary.  On one day, a student may have time to finish an assignment in class and on the next that student may only complete five problems and have the rest as homework.  The days when assignments are not given, students will have had a test or been assigned an in class project or activity.
    Over the course of the year, students will continue to build on their knowledge of addition and subtraction, as well as learn more about multiplication and division.  Other math concepts we will build on include basic fractions, telling time, place value, money, graphing, patterns, basic probability, comparing, rounding, estimating, measuring and basic geometry.