• FCCLA - What Members are Saying (Survey of 650 FCCLA STAR event participants)

    70 % of members said - FCCLA helps me be more confident

    61% of members said - FCCLA hleps me to try new skills to help in future careers

    73% of members said - FCCLA helps me to know how to better talk to people I do not know

    59% of members said - I am more goal oriented because of my FCCLA experiences

    59% of members said - I learn to set prioities with my FCCLA projects

    Lanesboro FCCLA

    Our FCCLA program in Lanesboro welcomes any student in grades 7-12.  The program is run as an extra-curricular opportunity for students to participate in and for the most part, will not take away from the classroom time during the school day.  Students have the opportunity to gain leadership by holding officer positions and making group decisions.  Our main leadership opportunity focuses on STAR events.  STAR events are competitive events that promote leadership, organization of presentation, and public speaking.  There are about 30 different events that students can choose depending on their interest.  The regional contest, usually in Rochester, is in February and the state conference is in April.  Both are great opportunities for students to gain public speaking practice. 


    Some of the activities that FCCLA members are involved in

    ·         One or two community service projects per year

    ·         Pumpkin & Gourd Decorating contest for the elementary

    ·         Fundraising – Blanket Raffle, “A Crush for your Crush”  - Valentine’s Day

    ·         FCCLA fun nights – Skiing, Roller skating, Holiday Parties, Secret Santa

    ·         Build new friendships with others in Lanesboro and surrounding schools

    ·         Opportunities for students to lead the State and National FCCLA organization

    ·         Opportunities are endless

    **The number one benefit is the improvement of leadership skills


    Other things to know -

    • Meeting times – One meeting per month during homeroom

     Costs - all students are responsible for their own costs.  We do fundraising for the State Convention to help with the costs of the event.  Also know that FCCLA is an organization where students can still be involved in some way if costs are a factor.

    • Dues -$25.00 – To be an affiliated member of the organization there are National and State Dues. 
    • Regional Event (in January/February, usually in Rochester) - about $15.00 per student per event             
    •  State Convention (April 19th-20th, in Bloomington) - about $140.00 in registration and hotel costs
    • Some of the above information may change due to the officers decisions


    Hope you all can join us to gain leaderships skills, partake in community service activities, and lots and lots of FUN!

    If you have questions, please call or see Mrs. Gathje (467-2229) or email at RochelleGathje@lanesboroschools.com

Last Modified on September 19, 2017