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    Name: Ethan Simonson
    Email Address: esimonson@live.com
    Phone number: (School) 507 467 2229


    Social Studies

    Classroom Behaviors: Expectations for behavior are designed to make the classroom flow
    smoothly and are relatively simple

    -Follow the instructions of the teacher

    -Please show respect for others, their materials, and their ideas. Classroom procedures reflect
    this basic tenet

    -Please be responsible for your own behavior, materials, and work.

    -Students are to be given the right to learn and the instructor the right to teach.

    - When in doubt, ASK!

    -Cell Phones- I don't want to see one, hear one, ect.

    -No food or drink allowed in class

    -Be in class and ready to for the day's activity when the bell rings

    - Use appropriate language and behavior

    -Consequences will be appropriate to any issues ranging from losing citizenship points to

    student discussion, parent contact, detention and removal from class. Infractions will be
    dealt with on an individual basis

    -Do not abuse bathroom privileges; if you abuse them you will lose them

    Cheating: Do not CHEAT!!! If you cheat on an assignment, test, quiz, project or help someone
    cheat on an assignment, test
    , quiz or project you will receive a zero among other consequences.
    (Cheating INCLUDES plagiarism)

    Attendance: Very simply, the more you come to class the more you will learn and the better you will
    do. I expect you in my classroom on time and prepared
    , bring your homework and necessary
    materials to class every day.

    Grading: Students grades will consist of: 10 Percent Citizenship Points, 40 Percent
    / Projects, 50 Percent Tests and Quizzes

    Grades will be based on the following Percentages:

                100-93 A         82-80 B-          69-67 D+

                92-90 A-          79-77 C+         66-63 D

                89-87 B+         76-73 C           62-60 D-

                86-83 B           72-70 C-          59- F

    Citizenship Points

    - 10 percent of your grade is based off of citizenship points , each student will begin the quarter with 20 participation points

    -Students will lose points for inappropriate and improper classroom behavior

    - I will also use citizenship points to encourage classroom participation (for example,

    during a lecture I may ask you to answer a question on a topic we are covering, if you are
    unable to because you weren't paying attention and taking proper notes you will lose
    itizenship points)

    -All regular late work will receive a 50% dock in points

    - Work is late when it is turned in after I have collected the assignment, for example, if I ask

    you to turn in a worksheet on Tuesday and I collect it at the beginning of class on Tuesday
    if you try to turn it in at the end of class you will receive a late grade. You will be able to
    turn in late assignments for half credit two weeks after the due date, after two weeks you
    will receive a zero

    -If you are sick on the day of a test or quiz you can make it up until we take the next unit
    test, for example, if you m
    iss chp 5 test because you were sick you can take the chapter 5
    test for full credit until we take chp 6 test at which point your test score becomes a zero

    -If a major assignment is late you can turn it in the next day for 75 percent credit, after the first day it falls to 50 percent and will remain so for two weeks until it is worth zero.

    (If you did not understand an assignment and you need help, ask, I will be happy to help
    . Extensions for full credit can be given if help is sought in a timely manner. Do not
    come to me two minutes before class asking for an extension for an assignment that is due
    that day)


    Videos and Video Clips: Various video clips and sometimes full feature films will be shown in class for the purpose of appealing to more visual learners and to give the students characters in history they can relate to by exposing them to a story rather than pure information. While I actively edit for inappropriate content, certain films particularly those that show the violence of war will be allowed to be seen unedited. My reasoning is as follows, when I show a clip or a video in class my goal is for the class to see what an event was like as accurately as I can. If I edit too heavily the event being covered becomes historically inaccurate. If you have any questions about what I will be showing in class please feel free to contact me. Also, alternatives will be made available upon request for students who choose not to participate in the viewing of a film.


    Contact: If you need to contact me email is the best option (esimonson@live.com)

    Or you can leave a message with the office. I will be in the school starting at 7:30 am.


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    Social Studies